Everlasting Love for Children



Everlasting Love for Children


On the evening of May 15, Juche 111 (2022), three days after the country switched over the state emergency epidemic prevention system to the top emergency anti-epidemic system due to the suddenly-created epidemic situation on May 12, the Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory faced an unexpected emergency task.

Thanks to the deep concern of the respect Comrade Kim Jong Un who makes selfless efforts in the forefront of the struggle to defend the people, an urgent work was organized to supply formula and rice powder for babies.

Officials of the Cabinet, Ministry of Commerce, Pyongyang Municipal Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Pyongyang Municipal People’ s Committee rushed to the factory while vehicles carrying officials of materials supply stations for nurseries and kindergartens in each district of Pyongyang followed them to arrive there.

And a campaign was conducted to transport and supply formula and rice powder for babies to every district and county in Pyongyang all night.

Officials carried Kkonmangul-brand formula and rice powder for babies, favoured by nursing mothers, even to the farthest county of Pyongyang until the dawn of the following day.

Heads of neighbourhood units welcomed the vehicles at dong offices located near residential quarters, and nursing mothers and grandmothers received goods at home.

Facing the malignant pandemic, the nursing mothers were very anxious about the fact that breasts go off milk due to the use of antibiotics in order to relieve high fever though they could bear their sufferings. In the emergency state of staying at home, they couldn’t buy formula or rice powder at that time and feed nothing to newborn babies instead of mothers’ milk. At that juncture, they could not express their gratitude for General Secretary Kim Jong Un after receiving formula and rice powder sent by him like life-giving water.

A resident living in Kyongsin-ri, Kangdong County, Pyongyang, said: The Party’s love for the children is unchangeable even in a hard time when it can be claimed to be a great upheaval in the country after its founding. Mother’s milk may run dry, but the Party’s warm affection for the people never dries up.

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