Medical Check-up, Test and Treatment Intensified in DPRK


The anti-epidemic and public health sectors in the DPRK are guaranteeing the stable anti-epidemic situation by enhancing the scientific accuracy, promptness and creditability of medical checkup, test and treatment of the malicious virus.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector properly guides the anti-epidemic campaign, regarding it as a way for boosting the anti-epidemic capacity to let the study groups of each sector find good and bad points in the anti-epidemic work and take necessary measures.

The scientific levels of medical check-up and examination and various tests are raised to correctly identify the malignant virus infection on the basis of finding all the fever cases across the country.

More than one million and hundreds of thousands of doctors in charge of households and hygienic workers are conducting medical examinations every day, while informing the relevant emergency anti-epidemic organs of the problems and taking due measures.

Efforts are directed to correctly discriminating ordinary fever cases from COVID-19 cases at test grounds across the country.

The work for studying and completing the optimal treatment ways and tactics is intensified to raise the rate of complete recovery of fever cases.

Experts at scientific research organs and various central hospitals are establishing and standardizing the treatment ways and tactics to be applied in different situations.

The public health sector is modifying and supplementing the treatment guide.

Research is focused on finding the remedies for patients of peculiar constitutions, confirming how long an infected person release virus and their recovery time and correctly grading the test of clinical effects of various medicines and the danger of re-infection.

Reasonable dosages and remedies are applied to treatment.

A tele-diagnosis system is being developed to ensure the promptness and scientific accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment of the malignant virus epidemic by putting together videos on treatment at preventive and curative medical organs across the country.

Underway is the work to define various aftereffects and confirm the problems arising in the selection and use of medicines for different symptoms and in self-treatment and nursing.

Attention is paid to the preparations for building district medical centers helping and steering the treatment of residents.

Getting brisk is the work to spruce up the National Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center to be an icon anti-epidemic base, reinforce the hygienic and anti-epidemic sectors at all levels with up-to-date test equipment and means and turn all areas into anti-epidemic bulwarks.


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