DPRK Strives to Consolidate Stable Situation of Anti-epidemic Work


All the sectors and units of the DPRK are striving to improve manufacturing business and establish a sound life order.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector focuses on ensuring the smooth operation of all sectors of the national economy and all fabrics of social life as the state measures prove effective in practice.

It issues new instructions, tasks and information in advance to cope with the ever-changing anti-epidemic situation, while establishing a system for tackling the immaturity of the current anti-epidemic capacity and getting rid of passive attitude, laxity and inactiveness.

It has taken technical measures to correctly set the anti-epidemic degrees of each region, sector and unit and to make and enforce the rules appropriate to them.

While raising the role of the epidemiological analysis teams formed at hygienic and anti-epidemic organs across the country, it intensifies the research into further improving the scientific level of the analysis of the situation of the state anti-epidemic work in close touch with relevant units.

The emergency anti-epidemic units at all levels are carrying out the plans for turning the own areas and units under their charge into the safe ones perfect in the anti-epidemic aspect.

Proactive steps are taken to make sure that all the people restore the stability of life while strictly following the anti-epidemic rules.

Farms all over the country are intensifying medical check-ups of the volunteers involved in the farm work and responsibly sterilizing water reservoirs, wells, etc.

The travel routes of migratory birds are constantly observed at some 1 800 spots across the country and all the organs, organizations and households doing animal husbandry are taking stronger veterinary and anti-epizootic measures to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus via domestic animals.

The Cabinet and other state organs for economic guidance are discussing and adopting practical methods to perfect the unified guidance and work system to cope with the crisis caused by the pandemic disease.

All the institutions, industrial establishments and farms are pressing ahead with production and construction by establishing the work system and production order meeting the requirements of the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system.

Relevant organs give precedence to the work for coping with any future crisis by dispatching additional health workers, medicine and means of transportation to different areas and units.


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