Calling Children “King” of the Country



Calling Children “King” of the Country


An opening ceremony of the Pyongyang Students and Children’s Place was held splendidly in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on September 30, Juche 52 (1963).

That day President Kim Il Sung came to the palace to attend the ceremony. Looking around several places of the palace with pleasure all along, he gave instructions on issues to be tackled in its management.

With a total floor space of 50 000㎡ and accommodation capacity of over 10 000 daily the palace was built up wonderfully as a hub of extracurricular education of students from A to Z. It has over 200 circle rooms and activity rooms for physics, chemistry, automobile, music, fine art, physical culture and others so that schoolchildren can learn to their heart’s content according to their wishes and aptitude.

Originally, the construction of an extracurricular education facility for children started in the capital city of Pyongyang after the country’s liberation from the Japanese imperialists’ military occupation on August 15, 1945. However, the project ceased owing to the Korean war (June 25, 1950–July 27, 1953) and the building under construction was totally destroyed.

In such a difficult situation after the war the President said that the palace for children should definitely be built, personally choosing its site on Jangdae Hill, the best place in the city.

So the construction of the palace started in 1956. At first the designers planned it to have a total floor space of 8 200㎡. Seeing the design the President said that the palace, which would be given to our children, should be built in a larger scale and more wonderfully, and designated its floor space to be 50 000㎡ which is more than six times larger than the previous one. And he visited the construction site of the palace, solving all problems arising in the construction.

Looking around the completed palace the President asked the accompanying officials repeatedly what they needed more and if there were any more troubles.

Then he said that it was good to have named the palace Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace, and told them about a meeting he had with a delegate of the Socialist Party of Japan who visited Pyongyang around that time.

At the meeting the Japanese delegate said to the President that in his country the house where the “emperor” lives is only called a palace, asking him how the DPRK called the house for children a palace. Then the President, with smile, told the delegate that in his country children are the “emperor” and that they are the “king” of the country.

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