Optimal Epidemic Prevention Measures Taken in DPRK


The central emergency epidemic prevention sector of the DPRK is taking optimal anti-epidemic measures based on deep scientific analysis of the epidemic prevention situation.

By bringing together information from nationwide surveillance, reports, epidemiological survey, experimental tests and the state of analysis, the capability to safely control and manage the epidemic spread is reassessed and practical measures are taken to carry out the epidemic prevention more purposefully.

In correspondence to the trend where the epidemic spread situation is seeing better results with the rate of fever outbreaks decreasing by 6.1% on a daily average nationwide since May 15, each region, sector and unit are carefully examining the natural geographical and economic conditions, the population distribution and the outbreak of diseases while focusing efforts on enhancing the scientific and specialization level of the epidemic prevention work.

Officials and researchers of the medical science research sector are expanding the stepwise selection of medicines and treatment plans while observing the characteristics appearing in fever patients and the conditions of infected persons showing no symptoms.

Consultations and research analysis on the definition and symptoms of aftermath are intensified in cooperation with members of the February 17 Shock Brigade of Scientists and Technicians, and optimal treatment tactics and methods are positively introduced.

Efforts are directed to estimating the demand of the treatment and prevention organs at all levels and pharmacies for medicines and satisfying the demand in time and increasing the production of Koryo (traditional) medicines.

Steps are taken to establish a ramified nationwide network of examination by introducing epidemic prevention experiences and technology to sanitary and anti-epidemic organs and scientific research institutes according to the situation and providing material foundations which can guarantee the promptness and accuracy of various kinds of tests.

Emergency epidemic prevention units at all levels are intensifying the guidance and control over the ongoing anti-epidemic campaign.

More temporary isolation wards are established in rural areas, given the increasing number of those assisting the farm work, and relevant treatment measures are taken with concrete checkup of each person.

Great attention is paid to improving the professional qualifications of workers at the treatment and prevention organs and sanitary and anti-epidemic organs and steadily enhancing their ability to control and manage the epidemic.

All sectors and units carefully and regularly analyze and review their epidemic prevention work and push ahead with the reinforcement of epidemic prevention foundations under a strategic plan, while putting efforts into diversifying the material and technological preparations for strengthening overall counter-crisis abilities.


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