Rodong Sinmun Calls on Officials to Devote Themselves to People


Rodong Sinmun says in an editorial on Sunday that all the officials should play the vanguard role in the present struggle, always mindful of the requirements of the Party and the revolution and of their noble mission before the times and the people.

It is the firm ideological viewpoint and stand to be taken by the officials to share the purpose and action with the Party Central Committee, and to unconditionally implement the decisions and instructions of the Party without fail is the working trait and mettle they should display, the editorial stresses, adding:

Today the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un devotes himself to the state's security and the people's wellbeing on the frontline of defending the people.

Our officials sharing the idea and breathing the same air with the Party Central Committee should cherish the rare determination and fighting spirit to become the firm adherent and implementer of the Party's policies, true to the intention of the General Secretary.

When they more scrupulously organize and guide the economic work under the current maximum emergency anti-epidemic system, the projects, desired by the Party for the people, can be impeccably completed in the set time and Korean-style socialism will advance more dynamically.

The editorial calls upon all the officials to devotedly defend the security of the country and wellbeing of the people and devote themselves to bringing earlier a fresh victory in socialist construction, sharing the idea and purpose with the Party Central Committee.


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