Anti-Epidemic Principles and Measures Thoroughly Implemented in DPRK


All the sectors and units across the country exert efforts to consistently implement every anti-epidemic principle and measure on a scientific basis.

The central emergency epidemic prevention sector takes preemptive and practical measures to further ensure the stability of the overall anti-epidemic situation and actively cope with any sudden crisis.

It is striving to provide a scientific guarantee for applying different kinds of examination methods and ensuring promptitude and accuracy in diagnosing the malignant epidemic.

Equipment, reagent, etc. are promptly supplied to research institutions and the construction of laboratories with higher safety levels is under way.

Anti-epidemic units at all levels put spurs to readjusting and reinforcing their foundation.

Steps are being taken to increase the personnel and facilities on the basis of comprehensively grasping the situation of the antiseptic solution producing bases across the country.

State economic guidance organs including the Cabinet review the execution of the work for accelerating the production of medicines and setting up centers for treatment and supply of medicines on a regular basis and rapidly take relevant measures.

Steps are taken to ensure the hygienic safety in medicine storage and sale and promote the people's convenience to the maximum.

The work for coping with the emergency situation initiatively is propelled in a planned way and the ways for balanced supply of Koryo (traditional) medicines are being applied.

Anti-epidemic conditions of over 10 major districts in Pyongyang City were reexamined and relevant measures are taken.


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