A Blueprint Carried by Air



A Blueprint Carried by Air


One day in June Juche 44 (1955) Premier Kim Il Sung called an official of the central committee of the youth league and an officer of the Korean People’s Army to assign a task of building a children’s camp.

At that time it was a little after the end of the Korean war, so even a brick and an ounce of cement were used sparingly in the postwar rehabilitation.

The Premier clarified the detailed orientation and methods one after another arising in building the camp well into the children’s place for learning, and ordered the KPA to take charge of its construction and finish it until August 15 to receive the first campers.

The officials were excited, but they got worried. There was not enough time to build it even if they had a complete blueprint, and now they hadn’t got that.

Understanding their inner thoughts through their looks, Kim Il Sung said that he had already given the task to a unit concerned to finish the design, and that it would arrive soon by air.

Thanks to the boundless love and wise leadership of Kim Il Sung who spared nothing for children, a sheet of blueprint needed for the construction of the camp was carried by air, and the first children’s camp in the country was built on the beautiful beach of the East Sea of Korea in a short span of time.

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