Devoted Efforts of Health Workers in DPRK



Devoted Efforts of Health Workers in DPRK


Pyongyang, June 3 (KCNA) -- Medical workers in charge of households across the DPRK distinguish themselves in medical care, true to the idea and spirit of the 8th Politburo Meeting of the 8th Party Central Committee and consultative meetings of the Political Bureau.

Those of different polyclinics in Pyongyang have done more than four rounds of medical check-ups among inhabitants every day, conducting information activities for preventing and treating COVID-19 in various forms and methods.

They take urgent steps for treating fever cases in close contact with sanitary workers and devote themselves to the treatment of patients.

Those in Sinuiju City and Cholsan and Unjon counties of North Phyongan Province have treated patients as specified in the guide for treating COVID-19 while informing inhabitants in detail of dosages.

Medical workers of preventive and curative units in South Phyongan and Ryanggang provinces direct efforts to finding all fevered persons and those with diseases and taking measures for treating them after consultation with higher-level hospitals.

They treat the patients of different constitutions, sexes, and ages in a scientific way and apply Koryo medicines, while paying deep attention to the aged, children and pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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