Measures for Stabilizing People's Life Taken in DPRK



Measures for Stabilizing People's Life Taken in DPRK


Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- The Cabinet of the DPRK has taken measures for stabilizing the people's life since the activation of the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system.

It is scrupulously organizing the work for grasping the state of food supply in all provinces, cities and counties and transporting food in time.

It is taking steps for increasing the output at factories and enterprises in the light industrial sector, in the agricultural sector and at the vegetable greenhouses.

It is paying a great attention to the production and supply of nutritive foodstuff for children.

Raw and other materials have been supplied to production units including the Pyongyang Children's Foodstuff Factory.

As a result, more baby milk powder and rice powder have been produced than the plans and nutritive goods for children supplied to relevant households.

The urban management sector has produced and supplied drinking water on a normal basis.

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