Master of Pine Tree Painting



Master of Pine Tree Painting


There is a woman who is called master of pine tree painting in the Central Fine Art Studio.

She is Pae Pom Sun in her thirties, who grabbed the limelight by presenting Korean paintings to the national fine art exhibitions, which depict pine trees.

Her works, made by good combination of single-stroke and fine-line drawing techniques, traditional techniques of the Korean painting, are distinguished by clear contrast between light and shade, simple composition and vivid prominence of objects portrayed.

Her works of vivid individuality and high level of artistic depiction are unthinkable separated from her burning creative passion and efforts.

Ten years ago, she graduated from the Korean Painting Faculty of Pyongyang University of Fine Arts, and was assigned to the studio. There, she studied works of famous painters while making ceaseless efforts to acquire and refine traditional drawing techniques of the Korean painting. In this course, she had a better grasp of the characteristics and depicting principles of the Korean painting and kept her abilities growing.

She made many field studies to create depiction of pine trees that reflect the indomitable faith and strong spirit of the Korean people. She trained drawing techniques one after another to make vivid presentation of pine tree based on deep understanding of its morphological characteristics.

She devoted herself to drawing even a branch and needle of pine tree to produce its excellent depiction in keeping with the theme of works.

Thus, Pine Tree in Ponghwa-ri, her first work, was produced.

Later, she has created works of various themes reflecting the Korean people’s will to lead a true life stoutly like pine tree which is evergreen even in winter.

Tens of her works including Like Evergreen Pine Tree and Strong Pine Tree presented to the national fine art exhibitions were highly appreciated.

She continues to make efforts to live up to the love and respect of the people as a master of pine tree painting.

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