Efforts Concentrated on Strengthening Anti-Epidemic Foundation in DPRK



Efforts Concentrated on Strengthening Anti-Epidemic Foundation in DPRK


Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- The work for putting the anti-epidemic foundation on a sure scientific basis and solidifying the material and technical foundations of the anti-epidemic sector is being pushed forward as a top priority across the DPRK.

All the sectors and units carry out the plans for pushing forward the readjustment and reinforcement of the anti-epidemic foundations with long-term insight and development-oriented viewpoint.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector, consistently holding fast to the overall anti-epidemic principles and measures set forth by the Party and the state, focuses on further consolidating the country's anti-epidemic foundation to proactively and sensitively cope with any unexpected situation.

On the basis of minutely analyzing the experiences and lessons drawn from the past anti-epidemic struggle, it puts efforts into improving the work system, reinforcing necessary manpower and means and detailing the emergency action program and order.

The officials and experts in the relevant sectors have steadily deepened the study for ensuring higher mobilization and work efficiency in all sectors and units across the country in case of the outbreak of such crisis as the current one, and for comprehensively analyzing and introducing the advanced experiences of foreign countries in the anti-epidemic work in keeping with our specific conditions.

The emergency anti-epidemic sector has taken necessary measures, scientifically predicting the pandemic spread.

River water and rain water collected at dozens of places in the regions near the border and the front, including North Phyongan Province, Ryanggang Province and Kangwon Province, were tested.

Proceeding is the work for finishing the clinical examination of the newly developed 10-odd virus-resistant medicines as early as possible on the basis of analysis of the root causes of various diseases.

The Cabinet and the Ministry of Public Health have made material and technical preparations for coping with future threats and challenges in a comprehensive way.

The work for setting up quarantine places with improved accommodation capacity and treating conditions and professional disease-controlling bodies in Pyongyang City and each province is pushed ahead with in keeping with the sci-tech and realistic conditions.

Measures are being taken to fully supply to the medical appliances factories the materials necessary for producing artificial respirators and devices for monitoring patients and measuring oxygen saturation and to reinforce the preventive and curative organs with more emergency treatment facilities.

Efforts are directed to studying and working out reasonable ways for reinforcing medical workers and equipment and for further intensifying the liaison between the central hospitals and local medical centers.

The work for applying the technology of producing plasma-active water without salt to practice is underway.

Ways are being studied to deploy pharmacologists and clinical experts at the medicine supply centers and shops being newly built in each province so that they conduct diagnosis and give out prescriptions as well as the sale of medicines.

Efforts are put into firmly preserving the promptness and accuracy and popular nature in the sale and supply of medicines by learning from the good experiences and methods gained by the medics of the Korean People's Army at the anti-epidemic posts in the capital city.

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