Maximum Alert and Mobilized Posture Maintained in Emergency Anti-Epidemic Campaign of DPRK


All sectors and units in the DPRK further intensify the campaign for combating the malignant virus, thoroughly maintaining the maximum alert and mobilized posture.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector has mapped out operations and provided proper guidance while clarifying in further detail the affairs to be conducted by the relevant fields and units to completely get rid of the root cause of the spread of the vicious virus.

Multiple protective walls have been established for the lockdown and closure of the capital city, border, front, coasts, seas and airspace to thoroughly check the inroads of new virus variants.

The emergency anti-epidemic sector, in close contact with scientific research sector, focuses on analyzing the anti-epidemic situation and securing the capabilities for more scientifically curbing and controlling the epidemic.

They also direct efforts to establishing a strict, prompt and advanced system and order for medical check-ups and tests, while making sure that a proactive treatment campaign is waged across the country.

Closely watching the outbreak and spread of new Omicron virus variants, they have taken measures to classify their features and adopt new test methods.

The central medical teams comprising experts from the relevant units are working at local hospitals and pushing ahead with the researches to confirm how long infected persons release virus and how long it takes for them to recover and raise the efficacy of the treatment medicines.

The epidemic situation is reevaluated in a comprehensive way and measures are being taken to improve the capabilities of residential areas for controlling the pandemic disease and the curative capacity of public health organs throughout the country.

The Ministry of Public Health translated foreign descriptions of medicines of over 70 kinds in a short period of time and handed them over to relevant organs.

Curative and preventive organs and pharmacies learn about the state of preparation and usage of sterilizers to prevent infection and take due measures to resolve the problems.

Tens of thousands of health and sanitary workers throughout the country carried out the medical examination of those assisting the farming and the disinfection of over 12 600 lodging quarters and more than 6 880 water reservoirs, wells and tube-wells.

The Cabinet, ministries and national institutions direct efforts to securing necessary materials for the people's living and ensuring promptness in their transport and supply.

The Ministry of Commerce and provincial, city and county people's committees scrupulously organize the work for supplying the living necessities produced at the light industrial factories to households.

State measures have been taken to provide preventive guarantee and support for the non-stop efforts for carrying out the economic tasks set forth at the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The Cabinet and the light industrial sector supplied raw and other materials to knitwear factories across the country and solved the technical problems in those factories. So the production of new type summer school uniforms to be supplied to the pupils of primary schools was finished.


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