Warm Benevolence for Pyongyang Citizens



Warm Benevolence for Pyongyang Citizens


Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un recently sent medicine kits to the war veterans, honored disabled soldiers and households in hardship in Pyongyang City.

The kits carrying his warm benevolence were conveyed to the relevant households personally by members of the commanding group of the Ministry of National Defence involved in the supply of medicines and city officials.

A kit contains various fever remedies, antibiotics and other medicines and health foods.

Citizens hardly repress their gratitude.

Thanking the Party for repeatedly sending medicines for soothing the citizens in a sudden health crisis, a war veteran living in Songyo District said that the kit moved all his family members to tears of gratitude for the benevolence of the Party. He expressed his will to devote himself to instilling the spirit of devotedly defending the country into the rising generations till the last moments of his life, as befits a member of the generation of war victors.

An honored disabled solider in Sunan District said that we remain unfazed by any malignant pandemic diseases as they are under the care of the great Workers' Party.

A citizen in Mangyongdae District shouted "Hurrah!" for the Workers' Party, saying the respected General Secretary is the great father who takes care of even an ordinary family despite his busy time for steering the nation-wide anti-epidemic campaign.

Others expressed their determination to do their bit as capital citizens in the on-going anti-epidemic campaign.

This touching news, to be etched in the records of the grand anti-epidemic campaign, greatly encourages the Korean people's struggle for braving the current trials by dint of the single-minded unity.

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