KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Bid to Cover up Its Past Crimes


At a recent talk with the German chancellor on a visit to Japan, the prime minister of Japan reportedly said it's a pity that the statue of a girl sexual slave for the Imperial Japanese Army still stands in Berlin, asking the chancellor to remove it.

Japanese politicians have left no stone unturned to remove the sexual slave statues in foreign countries. Against this backdrop, the prime minister personally asked for removal, indicating that Japan earnestly seeks to pull down the statues.

This is not just something to set right the wrong issue.

The sexual slave statues reflect the will of the international community never to forget and tolerate the crime the Japanese imperialists committed by enforcing sexual slavery in the past century.

Sexual slavery was recorded as the most hideous crime against humanity in history.

Under the pretext of boosting the morale of soldiers, the Japanese imperialists forced sexual slavery upon more than two hundred thousands of women from Korea and other countries in Asia and Europe after dragging them even to battlefields.

Among the women who had been harassed by sex maniacs of the island nation were even women from the then Japan's ally Nazi Germany.

According to the declassified data of the war archives of the Netherlands and the United States National Archives and Records Administration, Japanese imperialist aggressors abducted into a "comfort house" 30 German women including under-age girls in eastern Java of Indonesia early in March 1942 to gratify their sexual desire.

Sexual abuses were committed even before the eyes of their husbands and children.

Far from feeling guilty about and making sincere apologies hundreds of times for such hideous crimes, Japan has gone so shameless as to unhesitatingly spout such rubbish as "pity." It is utterly impossible to call it a normal country.

Japan is an ugly nation that remains indifferent to human ethics and morality, ignorant of how to save its face. It is shame on mankind that such a disgusting nation exists in this world.

Behind Japan's desperate bid to remove the sexual slave statues is its aim to cover up the history of aggression and evade its state responsibility for atoning for the past crimes.

But Japan is mistaken about history.

History can never be written off, no matter how desperately one may deny. Japan's crimes will snowball if it doggedly seeks to erase the blood-stained past.

Japan's sincere atonement for the past crimes is a demand of the international community and principle of history.

If it goes against this, it will only face bitterer international criticism and diplomatic isolation and the anti-Japanese sentiments of the peoples in victim countries will get stronger.

It is impossible to expect a rosy future unless the dishonor recorded in history is shaken off.

Japan had better behave with reason, mindful of the consequences to be entailed by its nasty bid to evade the atonement for the past crimes.


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