Newspaper Calls for Winning in Anti-Epidemic War by Dint of Unity


Rodong Sinmun in an editorial on Tuesday calls upon all the people to successfully tide over the present health crisis and win in the ongoing anti-epidemic war by dint of great unity in one mind around the Party Central Committee.

The strength of our people rallied as one around the Party Central Committee is the most powerful guarantee for victory in the epidemic prevention campaign, the editorial says, and goes on:

It is the noble mission and consistent principle of our Party and state regarding the people-first doctrine as their political idea to show no compromise as regards to the safety of the people and take care of their destiny and life in a responsible manner even under the worst conditions.

Steadfast is our Party's determination to thoroughly protect the people's lives and health in any case and at any price and give top priority to their interests and convenience.

Our people are of the same view that the current trial is temporary and this severe crisis will be defused certainly and better life and rosy future be provided under the loving care of the Party and the state.

To us, the current health crisis by the malignant epidemic spread is harsh trial little different from a war situation. But, such serious epidemic situation or manifold hardships and difficulties can never stop the advance of our people going toward the comprehensive development of socialist construction, rallied close as one in mind around the Party.

All the officials, Party members and other working people should achieve a shining victory in the anti-epidemic war to defend the safety and wellbeing of the state and the people and thus fully display the stamina of Juche Korea's single-minded unity under the guidance of the Party Central Committee.


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