Devoted Struggle of Army Surgeons in DPRK



Devoted Struggle of Army Surgeons in DPRK


Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- Servicepersons in the military medical sector of the Korean People's Army, deployed at over 670 pharmacies in the capital city of Pyongyang, have devoted themselves to the supply of medicines under a 24-hour service system.

The command groups of the Ministry of National Defence for the supply of medicines in the city conduct an organizational and political work so that the servicepersons adhere to the principle of giving priority to the demand and convenience of the citizens in supplying medicines.

They also launched the work for sending tens of thousands of papers dealing with general information material on hygiene and medicinal instructions and large amounts of medicine packets to pharmacies.

In close cooperation with officials from Party and power organs, they additionally established more than 20 temporary mobile medicine supply stations so that medicines are supplied to the citizens more swiftly and correctly.

They organized mobile treatment teams at various units, including the East Pyongyang Thermal Power Plant and the Pyongyang Bearing Factory that keep the production going at a high rate, as required by the maximum emergency epidemic prevention system, to protect the lives and guarantee safety of working people.

The command groups dispatched to every district and county do their best to make residents visiting the pharmacies not feel any inconvenience.

Army surgeons devote themselves to the supply of medicines and treatment while serving the people at pharmacies and visiting families who notify them of fever cases by phone.

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