Housing Construction Promoted in DPRK


Signal achievements are made almost every day at the construction site for 10 000 houses in the Hwasong area of the DPRK.

Members of the construction brigade, formed with those from ministries and national institutions, have effected a collective innovation in frame work, while observing the state epidemic prevention measures.

The brigade worked out detailed plans for each construction stage and process and strictly conducted the review and estimation of their fulfillment so as to make great progress in the project.

Peculiar visual aids, flash news boards, slogans and mottos with strong appeal and emulation diagrams were displayed in various parts of the construction site and a brisk motivation work launched to encourage the builders in the struggle for upholding the Party's policies.

Its builders have brought about good results every day, pushing ahead with the frame work and interior plastering by raising the rate of mechanization in construction and positively developing and introducing rational utensils and tools.

They have sped up the frame work for housing construction, reducing the time of reinforcement and form assembly after completing the ground concrete tamping in the shortest period through introduction of rational working methods.


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