Communist Traits Displayed in Anti-epidemic Campaign


Collectivism, a social custom peculiar to the Korean socialist system, is displayed to the full in the DPRK where a campaign is going on to defuse the current health crisis caused by the inroads of the malignant epidemic.

The communist slogan "One for all and all for one!", displayed at every post and worksite of the country, stirs up the enthusiasm of officials and workers out in the anti-epidemic campaign.

The officials in different parts of the country go among the inhabitants to explain the anti-epidemic measures taken by our Party and state for ensuring safety of the people and timely solve the knotty problems arising in their living. They have offered foodstuff and medicines prepared by their families to households and units in their residential quarters.

The working people, too, have done good things to tide over the health crisis.

The Korean people will surely win in the ongoing anti-epidemic war by dint of the communist virtues of sharing joy and sorrow with each other, the absolute advantages and vitality of Korean-style socialism.


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