Korean People Tiding over Crisis by Dint of Virtues


Recently, the people in the DPRK came to face an unexpected crisis gravely threatening the security of the state and themselves, due to the inroads of the malicious virus.

However, they are overcoming this crisis with fortitude, never being pessimistic or disappointed.

There may be any disasters and hardships, but there is no unrest in society and its people help and lead each other forward while living a more optimistic life though they are in difficulty. This is a true picture of our socialist country and a proud national custom.

Such collectivism peculiar to Juche Korea is run through with the spirit of times that has been displayed in every annals of the Korean revolution. This trait served as a main source of strength that made it possible for the Korean people to demonstrate the pride and honor of being the victors in overcoming all sorts of trials and hardships.

This collectivist trait has been steadily carried forward through generations, and it is displayed to the full under the current health crisis.

Many citizens including a worker of the Taedonggang Electronic Goods Factory and his wife and doctors of the Non-smoking Research Center offered relevant emergency epidemic prevention organs lots of medicines and medical appliances reserved by their households.

An official at the Chungsong Tongyang Shop presented reserve medicines to nine disabled soldiers including a special class disabled soldier residing in Rangnang District of Pyongyang City. And a resident in Hyongjesan District donated medicines and fund, reserved by his family, to the residential village office for the sake of other residents.

Meanwhile, officials and working people at many units across the country have offered grains reserved by their households to encourage other citizens in the emergency anti-epidemic war.

Such admirable deeds are reported in the country every day.


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