Rodong Sinmun Calls for Overcoming Public Health Crisis


Rodong Sinmun on Thursday editorially calls upon all the officials, Party members and working people to thoroughly implement the decisions of the Political Bureau meeting of the Party Central Committee with high political awareness and great self-consciousness and thus make a positive contribution to winning in the ongoing epidemic prevention campaign.

Stressing that it is the most important revolutionary work for our Party to defend the lives and safety of the people, the editorial says:

It is our Party's fixed creed that nothing is dearer than the lives of the people and only when all the people are in good health, can the Party and the state and everything exist.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee decided to set the maximum emergency epidemic prevention system in motion as regards the fact that the most serious emergency case of the state occurred, making a break on our emergency epidemic prevention front. And it took all possible measures to make sure that every organ and sector of the country, including the Party, administrative and economic organs and security and national defence sectors, conduct the state affairs smoothly by establishing a proper work system to cope with the prevailing health crisis.

Our people are just the driving force of the ongoing anti-epidemic war. Only when all of them display their organizing ability and unity with high political awareness and great self-consciousness, can they conclude the war victoriously as planned and intended by the Party Central Committee.

All the people should reliably keep themselves in an alert and mobilized posture, clearly aware that they are the masters of the epidemic prevention work, and find out and completely check the inroads of the malicious virus and take preemptive measures in anticipation of any sudden situation. Only then, is it possible to successfully defuse the current health crisis.

Any harsh challenge and obstacle can never check the advance of our Party and people who have emerged victorious, braving all trials of history by dint of the great unity.


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