State Emergency Measures Taken for Promptly Curbing Spread of Epidemic


Swift state emergency measures have been taken to firmly ensure the good chance of winning the epidemic prevention campaign and promptly curb the spread of the epidemic, true to the idea and spirit of the 8th Political Bureau Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and the consultative meeting of the Political Bureau.

According to the emergency measures taken by the Party and the government, all provinces, cities and counties of the country have been totally locked down and working units, production units and residential units closed from each other since the morning of May 12 and strict and intensive examination of all the people is being conducted.

Over 1 349 000 people have been involved in hygienic information service, examination and treatment so far while finding out all fevered persons and others with abnormal symptoms to quarantine and treat them.

Many more epidemic prevention posts have been set up to totally check the inroads and spread of the malignant virus and intensive work has been done to obviate all vulnerable points and imperfection within units and areas.

Medical supplies are urgently transported to hospitals, clinics and other curative and preventive organs across the country to be supplied to people.

Officials of departments of the Party Central Committee, public officials of ministries and national institutions and many other leading officials have turned out in the work for donating their reserve medicines.

The public health and epidemic prevention sectors have minutely observed the characteristics of the progress of disease of fevered persons and confirmed scientific and reasonable methods for curing them.

As regards the fact that those, careless in taking drugs due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of stealth Omicron variant virus infection disease and its correct treatment method, assumes a large proportion of the dead since the outbreak of the present anti-epidemic crisis, various undertakings are being conducted urgently to remedy it.

Explanatory agitation is being carried out to make inhabitants free from uneasiness at the malignant disease, inspire them with conviction that it is possible to cure it in a short span of time if they abide by the correct treatment guideline, and to inform them of relevant treatment methods and general information on hygiene.

The central emergency epidemic prevention sector has organized investigation and study groups for thoroughly trailing the path of infection by the malignant disease and cause of its outbreak and has enhanced the role of anti-epidemic task force, rapid consultation and diagnosis group and others to timely cope with the spread of the epidemic while directing big efforts into increasing quarantine areas and equipment and intensifying the disinfection of working and living areas.

The Pyongyang City People's Committee and other provincial, city and county people's committees and provincial rural economy committees have supplied materials to organs, industrial establishments and families in relevant regions with responsibility and service groups for guaranteeing the living conditions of inhabitants are being organized one after another across the country.

Party organizations at all levels are conducting meticulous organizational and political work for immediately curbing the spread of the epidemic and restoring durable stability in the epidemic prevention, true to the ardent appeal of the Party Central Committee that called on them to become the advancing group, shock brigade and bulletproof wall in the campaign for defending the people with boundless devotion and invariable loyalty to them.


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