Capable Lecturer in Machinery Design



Capable Lecturer in Machinery Design


A lecturer at Mechanical Engineering Faculty No. 2, Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering, compiled over 20 reference books and textbooks such as Machine Elements Design Subject, presented tens of papers such as New Single-layer V-Belt Production Line and designed big modern machinery and production lines of great economic significance.

The lecturer is Pak Hye Yong who has dedicated herself to developing the machine industry of the country and training technical personnel for 30-odd years.

She liked delving into what she had learnt and thinking of her own idea since her childhood. She didn’t miss even a small phenomenon and went to bed only after understanding its principle and essence.

During her university days, she was highly appreciated at the national university students’ machine design contest, and after becoming a postgraduate student, she drew the attention of the students and lecturers by making public the thesis on rational design parameter of gear-wire rope driving system.

After becoming a lecturer of the university, she made all her lectures planned to enable the students to understand the structure and characteristics of the machinery by personally handling them and become able to think of, design and manufacture new relevant facilities and tools.

A teaching method of using the blueprint-modification guide system in teaching and other teaching methods she invented made a great contribution to raising the qualification and practical application ability of the students.

Besides, she fully demonstrated her high ability in designing and manufacturing various mechanical devices needed in different sectors of the national economy, including the establishment of a V-belt production line at the Pyongyang Rubber Factory.

She is recognized as a model lecturer of the university for lots of her sci-tech research successes conducive to the development of the national economy and improvement of the people’s living standards.

She always says, “I think the future of the country will be beautiful only when you tend it with your own hands. I will dedicate my whole life to the training of talented personnel who will contribute to the prosperity of the country.”

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