Maximum Emergency Epidemic Prevention System Comes into Force, State Emergency Measures Taken



Maximum Emergency Epidemic Prevention System Comes into Force, State Emergency Measures Taken


Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) -- The state epidemic prevention system was immediately switched over to the maximum emergency epidemic prevention system according to the decisions of the 8th Political Bureau Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Emergency measures are being taken to block all provinces, cities and counties across the country, isolate working units, production units and living unions, make a more strict concentrated medical checkup of all inhabitants to find out all persons with fever and abnormal symptoms and thoroughly isolate them and actively treat them.

And practical measures are being taken to keep the production going at a high rate at the major sectors of the national economy, stabilize the life of the people to the maximum and swiftly cope with the occurrence of infections and those suspected in their regions and units.

The central emergency epidemic prevention sector is immediately curbing the spread of malicious epidemics, organizing the scientific and concentrated checkup and treatment campaign to stably control the sudden situation and, at the same time, is paying primary efforts to blocking and terminating the spread source of epidemics by intensifying disinfection.

The emergency epidemic prevention units at all levels are taking practical steps to urgently supply medicines needed for treatment of persons with fever, taking care of the isolated members in a responsible manner and disposing of sewages and pathogenic rubbishes as thoroughly demanded by epidemic prevention.

And they are taking thoroughgoing measures to make slightest deviations not be occurred in the transportation of raw and other materials needed for production and construction, restricting the moving of persons to the maximum and scrupulously organizing the undertakings to establish the efficient work system.

Active measures are also being taken to mobilize rapid mobile epidemic prevention groups and rapid consultation and diagnosis groups anytime and at any place and quickly cope with the situation to be raised.

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