DPRK Papers Call for Going All out for Rice-transplanting


Leading newspapers of the DPRK on Wednesday editorially call for going all out for rice-transplanting to make a breakthrough in the effort to attain this year's goal of grain production.

Rodong Sinmun says in an editorial that rice-transplanting is the most important farming process decisive of the year's farming, and it is not merely an economic and technical matter but important political work for enhancing the dignified prestige of the Party in every way to finish the rice-transplanting in the right season and in a qualitative way.

All the officials, Party members and other working people should turn out as one with extraordinary awareness to finish rice-transplanting in a right season to make a breakthrough in achieving this year's goal of grain production at all costs, the editorial says, and goes on:

All efforts should be focused on rice-transplanting.

It is an urgent and laborious farming process. Now that the struggle to combat drought is underway, the present reality calls for putting all means and forces into farming.

All the sectors and units of the national economy should give top priority to providing manpower, equipment and materials needed for rice-transplanting on the principle of subordinating all things to farming.

Minju Joson editorially stresses that everybody should guarantee a bumper harvest in paddy rice farming by qualitatively stepping up rice-transplanting in a right season out of ardent patriotism and thus make a positive contribution to successfully attaining the grain goal of the five-year plan.


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