Exhibition of Visual Aids at Housing Construction Site


An exhibition of visual aids took place in a contest mode to inspire the builders involved in the construction of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area of the DPRK.

The exhibition, attended by youth league organizations of the Cabinet and ministries and national institutions, was held in a way of summing up the appraisals of the entrants' level of representing the Party's idea and policy, militancy, appeal, realism and artistry in the visual aids by judges and ordinary builders before ranking them.

Each visual aid, displayed at the exhibition, gave a lively description of the noble mental world and heroic struggle of the passionate youth devoting pure loyalty to the construction campaign for materializing the people-first idea of the Party Central Committee.

The visual aids representing the spirit of the times greatly inspire the builders with a noble ideal and beautiful hope, and arouse them to make steady miracles and feats.


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