Natural Monument–Phoxinus kumgangensis



Natural Monument–Phoxinus kumgangensis


Phoxinus kumgangensis (minnow whose name is related to Mt Kumgang) is found in the upper reaches of the Kumgang River, from Kumgang County town to Onjong Pass in Kangwon Province.

It is 7 to 8 cm long. It looks similar to normal minnow, and in particular has black spots on its front lower part of dorsal fin like Phoxinus semotilus.

Its spindle-shaped body is longish and slightly flat sideways.

The eyes are big, and the mouth is a little sharp. The caudal stalk is characteristically lean.

The trailing edge of the caudal fin is split slightly in depth.

The body is yellowish brown, in general, the back is blackish brown, and the belly is greyish white and slightly brown.

It has two orange stripes on both sides of the body.

Its living habit is similar to other species of minnows and mainly lives in group in the clean and cold water in upper reaches of the river.

It lays about 500 to 600 eggs from May to June or July on sand or gravel on the banks of the river.

It lives mainly on aquatic animals, Crustacea, Rotifera and algae.

Within two or three years it becomes fully grown.

As an endemic species of Korea living only in rivers in the alpine areas, it is under protection as a natural monument for its academic significance.

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