Manpho Economic Development Park



Manpho Economic Development Park


Location: Manpho City, Jagang Province

Area: 3. 9㎢

Types of Business: Modern agriculture, recreation tourism and trade

The Manpho Economic Development Park is aimed at developing it into an intensive economic park which puts the main stress on modern agriculture, recreation tourism and trade.

The park covers an area of 3.9 square kilometres in some districts of Phosang-ri and Mitha-ri (including Poldung Island in the Amnok River), Manpho City, Jagang Province on the opposite side of Ji’an City, Jilin Province of China with the Amnok River in between.

Manpho City has many historical and cultural relics, including the Segom Pavilion, a scenic spot.

A service base, which combines tourism with trade, will be built in the Mitha-ri district including Poldung Island by making use of cultural relics and other tourist sources, and a modern agricultural base, which puts the main stress on the farming, stockbreeding and cultivation of medicinal herbs by introducing the food production cycle, in the Phosang-ri district.

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