Talented Artist



Talented Artist


People’s Artist Pak Myong Il, head of the Oil Painting Production Unit under the Central Art Studio, is a practiced and experienced artist.

“Pak’s art of drawing has such characteristics as vivid colour contrast, clear and vital brushwork with concentration and encapsulation of object,” said Choe Jun Ho, Pak’s workmate in the same studio.

Drawn by his special style of creation, his oil paintings are bright and vibrant, clean and deep.

Oil painting Kimchi-making Season produced in 2009 is one of his masterpieces.

The artwork vividly represents traditional kimchi-making custom of the Korean nation and genuine sentiments of life of its harmonious and optimistic people through the peaceful scene of a family who are making kimchi cheerfully in the yard on a clear and beautiful autumn day.

It was highly appreciated at the national and central fine art exhibition and show.

In the past, he created hundreds of oil paintings on various themes including Joy of Hunter in 2020, Round 2 of Victory in 2016 and Liberation in 1995. Over 30 of them were awarded diplomas and medals at the national and central art exhibitions and shows and registered on the list of state’s possession.

He presented oil paintings titled Mt Paektu and Mt Myohyang and others to the international fine art exhibition held in Benxi, Liaoning Province, China, drawing the attention of its organizers and visitors.

“I will produce more fine oil paintings reflecting the sentiments and emotions of the Korean nation to make a positive contribution to the development of fine arts of the country and cultural and emotional life of the people,” Pak said.

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