General Mobilization for Land Administration Brisk in DPRK


The general mobilization for land administration is brisk in the DPRK true to the Party's policy on land management.

Officials and working people across the country improved the roads extending more than 200 km, dredged more than 8.3 million cubic meters of earth from river-beds and reinforced over 680 000 square meters of river banks with stones in April, thus giving a facelift to the country.

Those in Pyongyang City planted trees of good species in streets and neighborhoods, created more greenery and repaired dwelling houses and remodeled parks and pleasure grounds.

Those in South Phyongan Province embanked areas of over 80 000 square meters to protect tens of hectares of paddy fields from flood damage and set up more than 2 000 safety stakes to improve the roads.

Those in several other provinces, too, conducted such work in a qualitative way.


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