Whole Country Mobilized in Campaign for Prevention of Drought Damage


All manpower and means are concentrated on a campaign for protecting crops from drought damage in the DPRK.

Officials and working people of the ministries and national institutions, provinces, cities and counties have turned out to protect crops out of the mind to attain the grain production goal set forth by the Workers’ Party of Korea this year.

At the farms in South and North Hwanghae provinces, officials of the Ministry of Mining Industry, the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and the Taesongsan Management Guidance Bureau put all efforts into watering fields vulnerable to drought damage by mobilizing all vehicles, equipment and materials.

The Agricultural Commission and agricultural guidance organs at all levels grasped wheat, barley and maize fields and rice-seedling beds vulnerable to drought damage before mobilizing all manpower and means for transporting water and pumping equipment. At the same time, they are positively introducing watering methods suited to regions to protect paddy and non-paddy fields from drought damage.

They are also sprinkling on a regular basis various kinds of growth stimulants and bio-activators on wheat and barley fields, thus improving their nutritive conditions.

The farms in South Hwanghae, South Phyongan and North Hwanghae provinces are making achievements in the campaign for preventing drought damage.

Officials and agricultural workers of North Phyongan Province and Nampho City, too, have watered many paddy and non-paddy fields every day by raising the operating rate of pumping and power equipment and properly setting up the water supply system.


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