Rodong Sinmun Calls for Inspiring Patriotic Enthusiasm of Popular Masses


Rodong Sinmun says in an article on Wednesday that if consciousness and patriotic enthusiasm of the popular masses are inspired, a fierce collective emulation will be waged in the struggle for implementing the Party's policies and popular heroism and spirit of innovation displayed.

The article notes that in order to successfully attain our target under the condition as now, we should direct more sincere efforts to conducting a dynamic socialist emulation, making all sectors and units arouse consciousness and patriotic enthusiasm of the popular masses.

It goes on:

What is important in conducting a fierce socialist emulation by arousing consciousness and patriotic enthusiasm of the masses is to properly set the goal and stages for its attainment.

Only when the will and demand of the masses are correctly reflected and the target and stage set in accordance with the specific conditions of a unit, the people can turn out as one in the emulation with confidence that they can carry out their task with their own might, wisdom and efforts.

Another important thing is to boost the control and guidance over the emulation.

It is necessary to intensify the work for informing the broad masses of the essence and major requirement of the socialist emulation and fiercely conducting the control and guidance over the whole course of the emulation and thus prevent a deviation and its aftermath.

Good review and appreciation are of very important significance in successfully turning the socialist emulation into the movement of the popular masses themselves and more dynamically conducting the next stage struggle for attaining a new target.

The article calls upon all Party and working people's organizations to more fiercely kindle the flame of socialist emulation and collective innovation in the struggle for bringing about the overall development and prosperity of our-style socialism by focusing all efforts on giving full play to consciousness and patriotic zeal of the masses.


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