By Dint of Their Own Efforts and Technology



By Dint of Their Own Efforts and Technology


Create your own things more with your own efforts and technology. This is what is always stressed by General Secretary Kim Jong Un during his field guidance.

The following happened during his inspection of a foodstuff factory one November day in Juche 103 (2014).

While looking round different places of the modernized factory, the General Secretary said he was specially pleased with its perfect establishment of an integrated control system over production and management activities. He then expressed great satisfaction, saying that all the production processes from raw material feeding to packing were made automatic and unmanned, making it possible to make manual labour dispensable in all the processes, save labour as much as possible, remarkably raise the productivity, thoroughly ensure the hygienic safety of products and improve their colour, flavour and quality.

That day he told officials concerned that other foodstuff factories should regard the factory as a model and standard in their technical renovation and that it was important to set the right standard for modernization. Then he stressed: Modernization expected by our Party is the one depending on our own forces and technology.

In August 2018 he visited the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory after receiving the report that its workers produced a new-type trolley bus with their own efforts and technology. Examining the trolley bus, he said it was really made well and flawlessly and that its quality was remarkably improved as compared to the one made half a year before. He added: I am more pleased that all these were made in our factories, and I am more thankful for their efforts. I am quite satisfied, and I give the bus top marks.

During his inspection of the Pyongyang Bag Factory, he said: We should make by ourselves everything necessary for our children. Only then can they have a sense of true patriotism whereby they value their own things.

The DPRK witnesses new changes day after day thanks to the wise leadership of the General Secretary who inspires workers to create their own things more with their own efforts and technology at every unit and workplace he visits.

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