We Live Here



We Live Here


Working people of different sectors in Pyongyang received the certificates for moving into houses in the Pothong Riverside Terraced House District in Kyongru-dong, Central District, Pyongyang, in April.

They are ordinary people who are working devotedly in their different workplaces.

Among them are announcers, weavers, scientists and lecturers and old artists, writers and drivers.

After settling in the luxury houses, they repeatedly expressed their gratitude to the Workers’ Party of Korea for providing them with such fine houses.

Ri Myong Sun, weaver of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill, moved into apartment block No. 13-2 of Kyongru-dong, said,

“It was a civil duty I assumed for the country that I have continuously conducted the multi-loom tending movement for over 20 years. The reality of a weaver becoming the owner of a deluxe house is possible only in our socialist country.”

Ho Myong Gum, Merited Driver of the Ryonmot Trolley Bus Station, said she feels excited whenever she remembers Kim Jong Un saying that the Korean people, who firmly take power in their hands, are those who deserve to lead a happy and highly civilized life on this land. And she added, “As workers like me received the top-class dwelling houses free of charge, I was overwhelmed by such a blessing that can be found nowhere else in the world. I could hardly go to sleep at the thought that I would live in such a splendid and hotel-like house.”

The working people who moved to Kyongru-dong unanimously expressed their will to redouble their efforts for the prosperity of the country, without forgetting the trust in them of the Party which regards them as the cornerstone and pillar of the state.

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