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Somebody said an educator with lots of disciples who recollect their teacher in the distant future is a happy person.

Among such educators is Hwang Pok Gyong, a teacher at Toksong Primary School in Phyongsong affiliated to Phyongsong Teachers Training College which was awarded the title of Honoured Red Flag three times.

Her many disciples still send letters to the teacher who teaches primary schoolchildren.

“Do you still often put on buttons on your pupils’ school uniforms and wash their dusty collars? I still remember you shed tears in impatience as we did not study hard and do homework in our days at the primary school.” This is part of what one of her old pupils, who graduated from Kim Hyong Jik University of Education and volunteered for a mountain village school several years ago, wrote in a letter to her.

Hwang Pok Gyong was an ordinary and weak maiden when she was just posted to the primary school after graduating from Phyongsong Teachers Training College over 20 years ago. The day she stood at the platform for the first time, she made up her mind to become a teacher to be recollected by her pupils, repeating inwardly the friendly call teacher that would be often on their lips.

But the reality was different. She devoted all her energy to lessons but the school record of her pupils never raised. Not a few of them did not study hard, only intent on pleasure or failed to follow the curriculum without being able to fully understand what they learned.

One day, after inspecting her lessons for two days, the head of the school advised her that a teacher should become an educator and parent who could read the mind of the pupils.

She often burned the midnight oil inventing a new teaching method for a single lesson and walked hundreds of ris countless times for the sake of the pupils.

Her rising teaching ability and sincerity for the pupils led her to become able to read their mind more quickly and deeply.

It happened during a nature observation lesson titled “Goldfish”.

She did not give a long explanation, letting the pupils observe how goldfish swim in a fish globe.

She helped them raise their observation and cognitive ability by using TV to show them a video she had made to vividly show the movement of goldfish with their caudal and dorsal fins cut off.

Those new teaching methods, teaching tools and experimental equipment she created in close connection with real things to suit the pupils’ psychology and characters began to draw their attention. Finally, her 40-minute-long lessons became those awaited by the pupils and their school records rose remarkably, attracting the closer attention of their parents.

Other teachers of the school once asked her why she was more affectionate to the pupils than her own child as she was always concerned for their life, taking loving care of them.

Hwang Pok Gyong is now called “our teacher” and “parental teacher” by not only her pupils and their parents but also her old disciples. In February she was selected as one of the top ten teachers in 2021.

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