KCNA Commentary Slams Japan's Intolerable Insult to Asian People



KCNA Commentary Slams Japan's Intolerable Insult to Asian People


Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- Japanese Prime Minister Kishida presented trees called Sakaki to Yasukuni Shrine on the spring ancestral rite day.

Former PM Abe and others from the Liberal Democratic Party and dietmen belonging to a bipartisan lawmakers federation dubbed the "Meeting of Dietmen for Visiting Yasukuni Shrine" paid a group visit to the shrine.

What draws attention is the fact the Japanese reactionaries trumpeted that the PM's behavior took account of Korea and China.

This is a cunning trick to dodge the accusation and condemnation by the international community even a bit.

The shrine is a place where remains of those who gained notoriety only to die during overseas invasions and of top-class war criminals who personally organized and ordered wars of aggression, unheard-of massacres and plunder are interred.

To pay a visit or make an offering to such place will make Japan's society lean to the right and instill militarism into the public.

Worse still, the offering to the shrine nakedly revealed a sinister intention to make militarism take stronger and deeper roots throughout the archipelago with the shrine as a starting point.

It is obvious why the Japanese politicians pay visits and make offerings to the shrine to ridicule the international community every year.

It is aimed to praise the militaristic war criminals as "heroes" to create a favorable situation for realizing their wild ambition for reinvasion.

During the visit to the shrine, the Japanese reactionaries let out rubbish that they visited to express their respect and thanks to those who sacrificed themselves for state policies.

Prior to this, a full-dress session of the House of Councilors passed draft amendments to the law on the "Self-Defence Forces" to realize their ambition for overseas invasion. This clearly shows what lurks behind the group visits and offerings.

Lauding the militaristic war criminals as "heroes" is an intolerable insult to the Asian people who suffered untold misfortune and pain due to the Japanese imperialists and a sure sign of the revengeful ambition.

Japan is dreaming a daydream.

The international community has already warned that if Japan launches another invasion, it will never be pardoned, urging it to reflect on, apologize and atone for its past crimes against humanity.

The rabid militarists who pledged to perform feats before the shrine and ignited wars singing "kimigayo" in the past all met miserable deaths.

Such farce of reactionary politicians going against the desire of humankind will plunge Japan into irretrievable ruin and destruction.

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