Ideological and Spiritual Wealth of Korean People


Underlying all victories in the Korean revolution is the revolutionary spirit of Paektu, the main source of indomitable spiritual strength of the Korean people.

President Kim Il Sung, who embarked on the road of the revolution in his early years with a lofty intention to win back his country lost to the Japanese imperialists, organized and led the 20-year anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle with Mt Paektu as the centre to achieve the historic cause of national liberation.

The revolutionary spirit of Paektu is the spirit of infinite loyalty to Kim Il Sung which was displayed by young communists and anti-Japanese guerrillas during the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude of carrying through the difficult and hard revolutionary tasks by one’s own efforts without fail and the indomitable fighting spirit of rising up again to defeat the enemy no matter how often one may fall.

The arduous march vividly recorded in the history of the anti-Japanese war of the Korean people proves the vitality of the spirit.

It was a historic march Commander Kim Il Sung staged from early December Juche 27 (1938) to March the following year by leading the main-force unit of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army to proactively overcome the difficult situation facing the revolution and continuously advance the Korean revolution.

The heroic spirit of Korean nation, the indomitable revolutionary spirit that should be carried on as the eternal banner of struggle and advance by the descendants, was fully exhibited through a hundred or more days’ march the distance of which covered by the anti-Japanese guerrillas would usually take them only five or six days.

The march was very severe from the beginning. Every day, every step and every moment of the march was the continuation of difficulties and bloody battles beyond human imagination as the guerrillas had to fight over 20 battles some days and make their way through the heaviest snowfall in a hundred years, plus severe cold of 40 degrees below zero, severe hunger, fatigue and diseases. As food ran out, they had just one meal a day and finally they had to continue the march, eating only snow. They spent nights covering themselves with thin white cloth in the severe cold as they could not build campfires and had no time to rest after setting up tents.

In the period, however, invincible military tactics and art of war without parallel in the history of guerrilla warfare were created and the revolutionary spirit of anti-Japanese revolutionary ranks to follow their Commander and win the war without fail was further strengthened.

And during the march, the story was told about “a cup of parched-rice flour” President Kim Il Sung shared with soldiers by collecting what was left of food carried by his orderlies for emergency use. Fully exhibited in the period were the spirit of devotedly defending the leader of the O Jung Hup-led Seventh Regiment, who lured the enemy to chase them for the safety of the headquarters and sometimes rushed to safeguard the headquarters at once when they heard the sound of gunfire coming from afar, firm confidence in the victory of the revolution and the spirit of overcoming difficulties of martyrs, who never lost hope nor became pessimistic about their future but overcame all the difficulties heroically though they experienced every pain and trial that man could.

The revolutionary spirit of Paektu which was created in the flames of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle by President Kim Il Sung was further enriched as it was applied to all sectors of the revolution and construction after Korea’s liberation on August 15 1945.

The resolute spirit of national defence displayed by the Korean people in the 1950s, the revolutionary spirit of Chollima and the spirit of the Arduous March that the country had to undergo in the concluding decade of the last century are also brilliant inheritance and development of the revolutionary spirit of Paektu.

The Korean people have achieved marvelous successes in the advance and development of socialism in the face of the worst difficulties and trials that beggar description for scores of years, and today they give full play to the indomitable spiritual strength that is admired by the whole world, because the revolutionary spirit of Mt Paektu is carried on year after year as the lifeblood of the Korean nation.

The revolutionary spirit of Paektu is the noble spirit that is engraved in the hearts of Korean people forever and their most valuable ideological and spiritual wealth.


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