With Excellent Guerrilla Tactics and Strategies



With Excellent Guerrilla Tactics and Strategies


During the anti-Japanese armed struggle, General Kim Il Sung dealt heavy blows to the Japanese imperialists by dint of his extraordinary and diversified stratagems and tactics, thus accomplishing the historic cause of national liberation (August 15, 1945).

The guerrilla operations and tactics applied in all military operations such as two expeditions to northern Manchuria, an expedition to Fusong, several rounds of operations for advancing into the homeland, the arduous march, the large-unit circling operations and small-unit activities and in minor and major battles such as those in Dongning county town, Laoheishan, Fusong county town, Pochonbo, Jiansanfeng, the Musan area, Xigang, Damalugou, Hongqihe and Dashahe were really diversified.

It happened during the period of the arduous march from the end of 1938 to the beginning of 1939. The anti-Japanese guerrillas, who managed to march, overcoming the severe difficulty of obtaining food, through the heaviest snowfall in a hundred years in the bitter cold of around 40℃ below zero, were stubbornly chased by the enemy. Then another group of the enemy appeared ahead of the anti-Japanese guerrillas. In such emergency, Kim Il Sung ordered the guerrillas to escape sideways by fixing and using a single log bridge when the enemies approached nearly close to them before and behind.

Unaware of this, the enemies mistook one another for their rivals in darkness and fired at one another all the night. Only after it was at daybreak did they know what had happened, and they said with yells of horror that the tactics of the guerrillas would make even gods weep and that the guerrilla tactics of the communist army were the protean ones of gathering like clouds and dispersing like wind.

The exploits of the General who waged annihilation operations in the Musan area after leading the guerrillas’ march in broad daylight along the Kapsan-Musan guard road which was laid by the Japanese imperialists to strengthen the border defence in May 1939 are well told by the Monument to the Victorious Battle of the Musan Area.

Many legends about General Kim Il Sung’s protean tactics such as “Tens of thousands of soldiers cross the river on a piece of paper” were created to be on the lips of the Korean people at that time.

The anti-Japanese armed struggle organized and led by Kim Il Sung was recorded as a revolutionary war which had created a legend of winning victory by crushing the strong aggressive army with protean and mysterious tactics.

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