For the Protection of Earth Environment



For the Protection of Earth Environment


April 22 is World Earth Day.

The day, which was designated for environmental protection of the earth, serves as a forum of the world earth environmental scientists for enhancing public awareness of earth environment and its improvement.

After the industrial revolution in the 18th century, humankind has enjoyed a rich and civilized life on the one hand and faced a grave crisis of massive destruction of global ecosystem on the other as a result of rapid advance in the economic sector thanks to the remarkable development of science and technology.

The issue of environment is posed as a more serious problem than ever before because of the long-spanning consumption of fossil fuels like coal and crude oil and the expansion of the production and use of chemical substances. A huge amount of waste gas, water and other materials resulting from the increased industrial production are polluting natural environment seriously. And vibration, noise, heat, light, abnormal weather and natural calamities are also damaging and destroying earth environment. So, environmental protection and management has become as a matter of world concern beyond the boundary of individual countries.

The DPRK sets up environmental protection as a noble patriotic undertaking for the country and the nation, and is channelling great efforts to this end.

It has enacted the laws on environmental protection, on estimating environmental effects, on preventing sea pollution, on preventing air pollution, on national land planning, on urban management and on protecting underground resources. It further specifies the environment-related laws to cope with newly-posing environmental issues, and steadily supplements and revises already-adopted laws.

It has set up a nationwide environmental management system for monitoring and controlling environment, for estimating environmental effects and for environmental certification, and is pushing ahead with the work of environmental protection in close connection with socio-economic development.

It sees to it that all the industrial establishments have a full set of pollution-prevention facilities including harmful gas purifying, dust arresting and waste water purifying facilities.

Meanwhile, it is increasing the areas of biosphere reserves, nature reserves and other nature protection zones to conserve biodiversity, and paying close attention to the healthy development of ecosystems.

Modern tree nurseries which can put sapling production on an industrial basis have been built in provinces, cities and counties, and afforestation is going on scrupulously. The work of improving ecological environment of urban areas is being encouraged, like creating green spaces in parks and gardens of houses and between houses, and roof greening and vertical greening.

Monitoring, measuring and comprehensive management of all environmental elements involving air, river, sea and soil are being conducted positively, and the state investment is directed to providing unity and effectiveness of protection and management of ecological environment and putting the environmental protection work on a scientific, modern and IT footing.

In the spring and autumn general mobilization periods for land administration, environmental protection is conducted as an all-people undertaking, and relevant information and publicity are given through newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and publications.

The country has joined over a dozen international environmental protection treaties such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention of Biodiversity and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and is making proactive efforts to implement them. Together with this, it is introducing advanced environmental science and technology through international sci-tech exchanges and cooperation.

In the future, too, we will perform our responsibility and role in the work of environmental protection such as field survey and estimation to protect forest, river, wetland, marine, coastal, agricultural and urban ecosystems, selection and registration of reserves, research for restoring damaged ecosystems, and creation of green architecture and green environment.

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