Key to High Yielding



Key to High Yielding


Now more and more people visit the Agricultural High-Tech Centre in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang.

The centre is briskly conducting dissemination and exchange of advanced farming techniques and relevant products for widening the experience of agricultural workers and improving their technical knowledge and skills.

According to Choe Yong Hui, head of the centre, thousands of agricultural sci-tech products on display in the centre are from agricultural sci-tech institutes, colleges of agriculture and relevant production units across the country, and many of them are patented products.

A farm official in Jungsan County, South Phyongan Province said that he visited the centre last year and brought to his farm a combined nutritional agent for rice seedbed and a plant-activating fertilizer developed by the Academy of Agricultural Science, and that the introduction of them enabled them to increase crop yields.

A woman workteam leader of the Rangnang Cooperative Farm in Rangnang District, Pyongyang, said that she learns many things at the centre, and expressed her determination to bring about rich harvest this year by learning new advanced science and technology and farming methods at the centre.

The agricultural sci-tech learning space run by the centre uses videos to disseminate advanced farming techniques and show the actual conditions of both advanced units and backward units to help farms in cities and counties share experiences and lessons and redouble their efforts.

Besides, the centre conducts the exchange and dissemination of successes and experiences gained in different agricultural research units and relevant production units via the network.

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