Astronomical Classic Susiryokchopbomnipsong



Astronomical Classic Susiryokchopbomnipsong


Published in 1343, Susiryokchopbomnipsong (three volumes) was written by Kang Po, mathematician and astronomer in the period of the Koryo dynasty (918–1392).

It contains a numeration table, which can help quick calculation when making a calendar based on susiryok, a method of calendar making at that time, and astronomical data relating to it.

Kang Po, who was an official of Soungwan (a government office in charge of astronomical and meteorological observation, calendar making and time measuring), obtained a biquadratic equation in the course of studying mathematical problems needed for making susiryok, and developed the extraction of the square root, which had long been handed down in arithmetic, thus putting forth a method of calculating the roots of positive numbers of the equation approximately.

Besides, he also presented different simple calculating methods.

Like this he, based on the method he individually developed as evolution, interpolation and approximate calculation, correctly calculated the necessary values for compiling susiryok in seven or eight significant digits or more than it.

In view of the fact that such method of calculation was found by a British mathematician in the 19th century, Kang Po had an astonishing mathematical talent.

The book consists of three systems–the theory on the movement of the Sun and the method of its calculation, the theory of the movement of the Moon and the method of its calculation and the theory of such five stars as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Its appendix writes on the calculating theory relating to multiply and division.

It is of great significance as the author of the book collected self-calculated data relating to astronomy based on his own method of calculation suited to the reality at that time, and constitutes a valuable astronomical asset in studying the astronomical theory and the method of its calculation in the country in the period of the ancient times and the middle ages.

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