Making Effective Use of Fly Ash



Making Effective Use of Fly Ash


The Pyongyang Thermal Power Station has recently recycled a great deal of fly ash from power generation to reuse it in production.

In the course of recycling fly ash in collaboration with relevant scientific research institutes including the Central Mining Institute, it developed a mixed combustion method of fly ash and anthracite conducive to preventing fire-dying in boilers owing to the reduction of quantity of coal, lowering the consumption of heavy oil and cost and enhancing the stability of combustion.

Technicians and workers of the power station proved a scientific mixing ratio of coal and fly ash through several rounds of experiments in cooperation with researchers. And they introduced a technique of keeping the heat of boiler body by means of insulating bricks into all boilers to prevent heat removal.

As a result, it made it possible to remove dust from boilers, further improve the surrounding environment and raise the efficiency rate of heat and combustion so as to completely overcome the decrease of heat output.

Now they can recycle tens of thousands of tons of fly ash annually by the mixed combustion method of fly ash and anthracite.

The method was highly appreciated at the 35th national sci-tech festival last year.

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