Revolutionary Soldiers Enjoy Worthwhile Life in DPRK


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent birthday spreads to Ri Chun Gu, a writer of the Paektusan Production Company who is winner of Order of Kim Il Sung and Kim Il Sung Prize and twice DPRK Labor Hero, on his 80th birthday, and to Kim Yong Nam, department director of the Central Committee of the Cameramen's Union of Korea who is winner of Kim Il Sung Prize and People's Journalist, on his 70th birthday.

Ri Chun Gu, born into the family of an ordinary worker, graduated from Kim Il Sung University and has written scripts of more than 90 revolutionary films and feature films while working as a film script writer for 50-odd years.

He was awarded Order of Kim Il Sung, the highest order of the DPRK, and the title of DPRK Labor Hero, the highest honor of DPRK citizens.

He still devotes his wisdom and passion to writing film scripts, always remembering the loving care shown by the peerlessly great men who made sure that he participated in the 6th Congress and 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea as a delegate and reposed the deepest trust on him repeatedly.

Kim Yong Nam, who became a talented photographer after graduating from Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts, has remained faithful to his job at every worksite for a great upsurge.

He was praised by Chairman Kim Jong Il for taking photographs of high ideological and artistic value and making tangible contribution to the development of photography.

He, who took many photographs reflecting the proud reality of the country, was awarded a watch bearing the august name of President Kim Il Sung.


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