Noble View on Life Displayed by Educators of New Generation in DPRK


It is the noble traits of the young people in the DPRK to respond to demand of the revolution and call of the country in practice, not with words.

After the 14th National Conference of Teachers, many graduates from universities of education and teacher training colleges across the country have volunteered to be teachers of schools on islands and in forefront areas and mountain villages.

Among them are Jo Son Hwa, a graduate from Wonsan University of Education, Chae Kum Chol, a graduate of Phyongsong University of Education, Yun Tok Sam, a graduate from Kim Jong Thae Haeju University of Education, and Jo Kum Hyang, a graduate from Kanggye Teacher Training College.

Their deeds are a manifestation of the noble view on life of the educators of the new generation grown under the care of the Workers' Party of Korea.


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