New Milestone for Prosperity of Country


April 9, Juche 82 (1993) was the significant day that marked a new milestone for the victorious advance of the Korean revolution and the prosperity of socialist Korea in the glorious history of the DPRK.

Chairman Kim Jong Il assumed the heavy responsibility as the chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission (NDC) to the unanimous will and desire of the Korean people on the day.

The history, in which the Chairman led the overall state affairs, is etched in the hearts of the Korean people as the history of victory and great turns that witnessed a victory after another, miracles and leaps forward in the campaign for defending socialism.

The Chairman firmly defended the dignity of the country, the security of the people and socialism under the uplifted banner of Songun in the 1990s, a period of rigorous hardships.

He established the state machinery with the NDC as its pivot and ushered in a new era of building a powerful socialist country by dint of Songun politics, as required by the changed reality and prevailing situation.

He, regarding the military affair as most important, developed the Korean People's Army into an invincible elite force and put the DPRK on the status of a world-class military power by bolstering up the military capabilities for self-defence.

He unfolded a grand blueprint for building a powerful country during the arduous march, the forced march, and thus laid firm material foundations for the prosperity of the country.

The DPRK has made shining successes in all fields of politics, military, economy and culture, thanks to the eternal foundations for building a prosperous country provided by him through thick and thin.


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