Founding Juche-oriented Revolutionary Party


President Kim Il Sung is the founder of the Workers’ Party of Korea which organizes the Korean people and guides them to all victories.

Regarding party building as a fundamental issue of the revolution, he conducted energetic activities to found a revolutionary party in the early period of his revolutionary activities. He cherished a firm faith that the masses of the people are the motive force of the revolution and conducted activities by organizing and mobilizing them. In order to found the party, he found himself among the masses of the people and laid a foundation from the base in the way of training a new generation of genuine revolutionaries and forming basic party organizations.

The organizational and ideological basis for party founding was provided and consolidated in the flames of the arduous 20-odd-year-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle under the leadership of Kim Il Sung. While experiencing all manner of trials and difficulties through a life-and-death struggle, the hard-core ranks of the revolution were grown and trained, genuine unity and cohesion of the revolutionary ranks were achieved centring on the leader and the mass foundation for the revolutionary movement was laid firmly.

After Korea’s liberation on August 15 1945, President Kim Il Sung wisely organized and led the work of realizing the cause of building a Juche-oriented revolutionary party without delay.

Already existing Party organizations were readjusted and strengthened and new organizations came to be established in the places with no party organization according to his line of organizing the Party in the way of building its central leadership body on the basis of having formed its organizations in all regions.

Kim Il Sung met with local communists who were active in different parts of Korea to explain the policy of founding a unified party and led them to the efforts to this end, and when he met those from south Korea, he patiently awakened them to the necessity to urgently arrange parties formed by different groups and develop them into a unified party firmly united in an organizational way.

He actively pushed the work of establishing the Party central leadership body in north Korea with all favourable conditions without delay as preparations for founding the Party proceeded successfully.

The historic Inaugural Congress of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea was held in Pyongyang between October 10 and 13 1945.

At the meeting, Kim Il Sung formed the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea as the Party central leadership body and proclaimed the founding of the Party. Thus, the historic cause of the Juche-oriented revolutionary party founding, which was started with the formation of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (October 17 1926), could be accomplished.

The founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea enabled the Korean people to successfully carve out their destiny with their own reliable vanguard detachment and political staff and marked the start of a new history of the revolutionary party on this land in the era of independence.


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