Preparation for April Spring Friendship Art Festival Goes at Final Stage


The preparation for the 32nd April Spring Friendship Art Festival is being stepped up at a final stage.

This world festival with a long history, hosted by Pyongyang, shows the world progressives' boundless reverence and worship for President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

The coming on-line festival will be televised on the Central TV of the DPRK with video segments of art performances sent by art troupes and artistes of different countries through international communication channels.

Attendees include more than 60 art troupes, dance troupes and circuses comprising of international and national concours winners and famous artistes from at least 30 countries and art troupes of overseas Koreans.

They have exerted positive efforts to ensure the forthcoming festival at the highest level.

Artistes of China and other countries strove to perfectly represent in chorus the immortal revolutionary hymn "Song of General Kim Il Sung".

And those of the Russian State Academy Beryozka Dancing Troupe Named after N.S. Nadezhdina created a dance to the tune of song "A Dear Name".

Foreign personages of political and cultural circles and artistes have sent to the festival organizing committee recorded congratulatory speeches and words of their impressions, boosting the atmosphere of the festival.

The organizing committee is now engrossed in colorful edition of the videos on art performances in cooperation with relevant units.


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