Saviour of Korean Nation


President Kim Il Sung is the saviour of the Korean nation who achieved the historic cause of national liberation to bring the nation back to life.

When he was born in 1912, Korea was under the military occupation (1905-1945) by the Japanese imperialists. The Korean people waged struggles against the imperialists across the country to achieve national independence but could not evade frustration as they did not have an outstanding leader and had no correct struggle policy and line.

Having set out on the road of revolution in his early years with a great ambition to win back the country lost to the Japanese imperialists, he groped for the path of the Korean revolution and discovered the truth that revolutionaries can emerge victorious in a revolution of their country only when they carry it out by bearing responsibility for it and relying on the strength of their people and that all problems arising in the revolution should be solved independently and creatively.

At the Meeting of Leading Personnel of the Young Communist League and the Anti-imperialist Youth League held at Kalun in June 1930, he clarified the standpoint of Juche that the masters of the Korean revolution are the Korean people and the Korean revolution should by all means be carried out by the Korean people themselves in a way suited to the actual conditions of their country. And he defined the character of the Korean revolution as anti-imperialist and anti-feudal democratic revolution and put forward the lines of organizing and launching an anti-Japanese armed struggle, forming an anti-Japanese national united front and founding a party. The lines consistent with the spirit of national independence were a banner of struggle which lighted the road to national resurrection for the Korean people.

Kim Il Sung founded the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army on April 25 1932 to declare an anti-Japanese war and wisely organized and led the overall anti-Japanese national liberation struggle centred on the armed struggle.

He established guerrilla bases in wide areas along the Tuman River and set up people’s revolutionary governments and enforced democratic reforms in the bases while conducting extensive military operations. After reorganizing the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army into the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army as its armed units increased, he established the Mt. Paektu base to expand and develop the anti-Japanese armed struggle into the homeland and victoriously led the army’s advance into the homeland with it as a base.

His name as a legendary hero was engraved in the hearts of his 20 million fellow countrymen and lots of hot-blooded patriotic youths gathered around him.

Putting efforts into strengthening the anti-Japanese patriotic force, he organized the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland, an anti-Japanese national united front body, in May 1936 and expanded its network nationwide and overseas and declared the Ten-Point Programme of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland to appeal to the whole nation to turn out to put an end to the military occupation of the Japanese imperialists and achieve the historic cause of national liberation.

The all-people resistance force, which rapidly grew as the days went by, joined in the general offensive of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army and gave a decisive blow to the Japanese imperialists, and the Korean people finally greeted the day of national liberation on August 15 1945. The Korean people highly praised Kim Il Sung as the saviour of the nation as he saved its destiny by leading the 20-year-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle to victory.


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