Socialist Public Health System in DPRK


April 7 is World Health Day.

To mark the day, the WHO put forward the theme of "Our Planet, Our Health" and stressed the need for each country to provide its people with more hygienic living conditions and environments and health foodstuffs so as to prevent various diseases, and pay steady efforts to the development of healthcare.

The DPRK, a country with the advantageous socialist system centered on the popular masses, prioritizes the life of the people. So, the state has taken care of the people's health in a responsible manner, directing efforts to the improvement of the public health services.

To protect and promote the people's life and health is the top priority of our state's affairs.

The Okryu Children's Hospital, the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital and other modern and general medical service centers and pharmaceutical and medical appliances factories have been built or renovated to let the working people get fine medical services.

The medical services in the country have been performed with main stress put on prophylaxis. Through the section doctor system, everyone can get healthcare from the state for life, no matter where he or she lives and works.

Proactive efforts have been also made to increase the average life expectancy of the population, the rate of epidemic prevention and other health indices to the world advanced levels and provide more hygienic living conditions and environments for the people.

The DPRK joined the WHO in May Juche 62 (1973).


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