Rodong Sinmun Calls for Fundamental Innovation in Ideological Work


Rodong Sinmun on Tuesday carries an editorial stressing that the main spirit of the 1st Workshop of Officials in the Information Field of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) is for our Party information workers to become powerful loudspeakers and hi-fi amplifiers in conveying and communicating the Party Central Committee's idea and intention down to the lowest unit correctly in time and arousing the entire Party, the whole country and all the people to their materialization.

The important letter sent by the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un to the participants in the workshop is an inspiring banner that instilled fresh vigor into the ideological front firmly guaranteeing and spurring the advance of the new era of state prosperity, and an immortal great programme enabling to open up a new lively and stirring era of the revolution by dint of ideology, the editorial says, adding:

The letter is a declaration of the General Secretary's iron will to accomplish our revolution to the end by dint of ideology, holding aloft the banner of the Juche theory of giving importance to ideology.

The ideology-first principle is none other than the fundamental key to emerging victorious from difficult situations and a mode of revolution peculiar to the WPK.

The Juche theory of giving importance to ideology; it is Kim Jong Un's firm faith and iron will to bring earlier the final victory of the Juche revolution by holding higher this mighty weapon.

His letter is a militant banner allowing fundamental innovation in the Party ideological work as demanded by the developing reality.

Today, so deep is the Party Central Committee's trust in our Party information workers.

"Let the Party information workers become powerful loudspeakers and hi-fi amplifiers faithful to the Party Central Committee!", this is the slogan to be upheld by our information workers and the spirit to be fully displayed by them at present.

Bearing in mind the noble title of faithful mouthpieces of the Party Central Committee and buglers of the revolution awarded to them by the Party and the people, the Party information workers should fulfill their role as pioneers and guides in the all-people general advance to achieve the comprehensive development of our own-style socialism.


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